Welcome to The Velvet Room!

Discover a unique third space in cyberspace. The Velvet Room is an intentional community focused on authentic connections, making real friends, and just hanging out. It's all about the group chat vibe. We encourage active participation, occasionally purging lurkers and non-posters to foster a dynamic environment. Fear not, you can always rejoin to share your thoughts.

How to Join

Access is invite-only. To join the Velvet Room, you need an invitation from a current member. We urge our members to be discerning with their invites, maintaining our community's quality and intimacy.

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Become a Patron

With a contribution of just $1 or $5 per month, you can become a Patron and gain access to our exclusive channel. Patrons receive a special role but no additional privileges, ensuring an equal and engaging environment for all like-minded members. Your support also helps sustain my various projects, including this site.

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