The World's Hardest Game

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Title: The World's Hardest Game

Developer: Snubby Land

Key Personnel:

Release Date: March 2008

Published by: Cool Math Games (among other platforms)

Platform: Web browser (Flash-based)

Genre: Puzzle / Skill-based

Game Synopsis: The World's Hardest Game is a notoriously challenging puzzle game where players navigate a red square through various levels filled with moving blue dots. The objective is to reach the safe area without touching the dots, collecting yellow coins along the way.

Historical Impact:

The game gained a reputation for its extreme difficulty, becoming a popular choice for gamers seeking a serious challenge. Its minimalist design and punishing gameplay mechanics epitomize the trend of hard-but-fair games in the online flash game era. It also sparked a trend of similarly difficult games, contributing to the genre of 'rage games'.

Original Source and Additional Resources:

Getting Started Guide

The original source,, is now a deadlink, with archived versions on the Wayback Machine oftening leading to less than safe websites. Due to this I cannot include a link here.

Technical Requirements:

Community Creations

You can find a dedicated speedrunning community for The World's Hardest Game here - Discord Link