Houdini's Link List


Politics and Community

A Collection of Marxist Literature and Sites

Marxist.space is a comprehensive resource for Marxist theory, history, and analysis. The site features a wide range of Marxist texts, as well as resources for studying and organizing within the Marxist tradition.

National Prisoner Resource List

The National Prisoner Resource List is a comprehensive guide to resources and support for prisoners and their families. The list includes information about legal assistance, education and self-improvement programs, and support groups, as well as resources for prisoners who have been released. The website is maintained by the Prison Book Program, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing books and other educational materials to prisoners.

Big House Books

Big House Books is a non-profit organization that provides free books and educational resources to prisoners in Mississippi. The organization's website includes information about how to request books, as well as resources for prisoners and their families, including information about legal assistance and re-entry programs.

Visualization of the US Prison System

Hosted on Github, this website provides an interactive visualization of the US prison system. It offers a unique look at the scale and scope of mass incarceration in the US, and the ways in which it disproportionately impacts marginalized communities.

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners

Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners is an organization that works to provide books and other educational resources to prisoners in Louisiana. Their website provides information about how to get involved and support their efforts.

The Degrowth Alternative

The Degrowth Alternative is a publication from the Great Transition Initiative, an organization that promotes alternative visions for a more sustainable and equitable future. The publication offers a comprehensive look at the concept of degrowth and its potential as a solution to the many challenges facing the world today.

True Anon Reading list

This reading list, hosted on Reddit, is compiled by the community of True Anon, a subreddit dedicated to exploring and discussing various topics related to anarchism, anti-authoritarianism, and social change. The list features a wide range of books on these topics, and is a great resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of these ideas.

Rage Against the Machine Reading List

This reading list, hosted on Pastebin, is compiled by the band Rage Against the Machine. The list features a wide range of books on social and political issues, and is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the issues that inspire the band's activism and music.

The Bias Magazine

Explore The Bias Magazine on Christian Socialism's website. This publication aims to provide critical analysis and thoughtful perspectives on issues related to faith, politics, and social justice.

The 2024 Bell Riots

Explore the Bell Riots on Memory Alpha, the collaborative Star Trek encyclopedia. This article provides detailed information about the pivotal event depicted in the Star Trek series, offering insights and analysis into its significance within the fictional universe.

Community and Family

Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs is a global movement dedicated to providing food and resources to those in need, and promoting social and economic justice. The organization's website provides information about how to get involved and make a difference in your community.

Mutual Aid Tools and Resources

The Mutual Aid Coop is a resource for individuals and groups interested in building mutual aid networks and practices. The site features a range of tools and resources, including guides and templates for organizing mutual aid projects, as well as information about ongoing mutual aid initiatives around the world.

Mutual Aid 101

This Google Doc, titled "Mutual Aid 101," provides a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of mutual aid. The doc covers topics such as the history of mutual aid, the benefits of mutual aid networks, and tips for building and maintaining mutual aid projects.

Trans Resource List

This resource list is hosted by UC Davis and has a large amount of resources for trans or trans-questioning peoples.

MEL Science

Embark on a scientific journey with MEL Science. This website offers hands-on chemistry experiments and educational content, providing a fun and interactive way to help kids explore the wonders of science.

Art in Action

Discover Art in Action, an organization providing art resources for children. As many schools in America lack art programs, Art in Action aims to fill that gap by offering educational materials and support for incorporating art into children's education.

Escaping Car Dependence in the Outer Suburbs of Paris

This paper discusses the negative impact of car-centric development on quality of life and social mobility, particularly among individuals living in poverty. It sheds light on the challenges faced in car-dependent communities and explores potential strategies for alleviating the associated issues.

Hope and Mourning in the Anthropocene: Understanding Ecological Grief

Gain insight into the profound emotions of grief and loss associated with the ongoing ecological collapse in this article. It explores the concept of ecological grief, providing a deeper understanding of the emotional impact experienced by individuals grappling with the devastating ecological changes happening in the world.

Bug Guide.net

Discover an extensive guide on various bugs, enriching your understanding of the complex and diverse world of insects.

The Garden Helper

Find tips and guidance for gardening, from beginners to experts, aiming to cultivate a closer connection with the Earth.


Capitalism and Extreme Poverty: A Global Analysis

Explore a scientific study that challenges the notion that capitalism uplifts people out of poverty. The study reveals that in all regions analyzed, incorporation into the capitalist world-system was associated with declining wages, deteriorating human stature, and increased premature mortality, contradicting the narrative of poverty reduction.

Wild About Houdini

Discover the world of Harry Houdini, the legendary escape artist and magician, through the fascinating articles and resources available on Wild About Houdini.

List of Atrocities Committed by the US

This document, hosted on Github, is a comprehensive list of the many atrocities committed by the United States throughout its history. The list is a powerful reminder of the need for ongoing struggle against oppression and injustice.

Historical Games on Neocities

Interested in history and board games? Check out Historical Games, a website featuring a collection of historical board and party games. From ancient civilizations to modern history, this site has something for every history buff.

History of the Black Panther Party

This website, hosted by marxists.org, provides a detailed history of the Black Panther Party, a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist organization active in the United States from 1966 until 1982. The site includes information about the party's founders, its political platform, and its many accomplishments and struggles.


Dive into the world of Japanese folklore and mythology with Yokai.com. This website is a comprehensive resource about yokai, supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, providing detailed information and captivating illustrations.

Scientists' Early Warnings on Climate Change

Discover how scientists have been warning about climate change since the 1960s in this thought-provoking article. It discusses the influence of fossil fuel lobbying and its role in hindering meaningful action against climate change, which has led to continued crimes against mother nature and humanity.

"The Ballot or the Bullet" Speech

Delve into the powerful speech titled "The Ballot or the Bullet" or "The Any Means Necessary Speech" delivered by Malcolm X at King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan on April 12, 1964. This historically significant address addresses issues of civil rights, political empowerment, and the struggle for equality, making it an essential piece of American history.

The Dust Bowl: A Challenging Era in American History

Explore this resource on the Dust Bowl, a significant event during the Great Depression and World War II era. This link provides primary sources and a timeline that shed light on the environmental disaster, drought, and economic hardships experienced by people in the affected regions of the United States.

The History of Danse Macabre

Delve into the history of the phenomena known as "danse macabre" through this engaging article. It explores the cultural significance and artistic representations of the danse macabre motif throughout history, providing insights into its origins and evolution as a subject in art and culture.

Geocities Gallery/Archive

Explore an archive that revives the spirit of the original Geocities, capturing the essence of early internet culture and communities.

Fitness and Health

THE fitness guide

This website, hosted by Liam Rosen, offers a comprehensive guide to fitness and healthy living. The site includes tips and techniques for improving physical and mental health, as well as resources for those looking to get started on their fitness journey.

Fasting vs Eating Less: What's the Difference?

This YouTube video, presented by Dr. Jason Fung, discusses the differences between fasting and simply eating less, and the potential benefits of incorporating fasting into one's diet. The video is a useful resource for those interested in learning more about the health benefits of fasting.

Top 4 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises

Layouts out some basic kettlebell exercises to get you started. Kettlebells are much easier and adaptable than a full on gym routine in my opinion.

Microplastics: A Threat for Male Fertility

Explore the article titled "Microplastics: A Threat for Male Fertility" on MDPI. This publication discusses the potential adverse effects of microplastics on male fertility and provides insights into the associated risks. (Spoiler: It's really bad, Children of the Men bad.)


Disappearance of Critical Ocean Organisms

Learn about the alarming decline of phytoplankton, vital ocean organisms, due to climate change in this article from 2010. It highlights the significant role phytoplankton plays in oxygen production, surpassing that of all the trees on Earth, and emphasizes the urgent need to address the threat they face.

Ocean Acidification and its Consequences

Explore a recent scientific paper discussing ocean acidification and its alarming implications. Based on recent peer-reviewed studies, the paper reveals that the ocean is progressively becoming more acidic, potentially leading to catastrophic climate change even if net-zero emissions are achieved by 2050. The paper also highlights the potential collapse of the marine ecosystem, resulting in the loss of various species such as seals, birds, whales, fish, and a significant reduction in the food supply for billions of people. This compelling paper serves as a stark warning that may leave readers unsettled.

Running Cover for Death: Pandemic Minimizers Normalize an Inhumane Baseline

Examine a critique against New York Times writer David Leonhardt, offered by the bioethics law & policy blog at Harvard. This blog stands as one of the few in the field of bioethics that has not succumbed to neoliberal ideological framing, offering insightful and hard-hitting analyses.

Fellow Neocities Sites

There are other neocities sites within the linklist, in those cases, the sites better fit the catagories they are under, ie Historical Games under History

VHS Search

A search engine focusing on Neocities sites. Neocities sites don't always get crawled, so this in a great tool.

Pleurodelinae's Atlas

A link list of interesting and obscure history, art, manuscripts and more that is well worth a bookmark.

Ethos Bulletin

Artist website of my good friend Search Unlock, hosted on Neocities.


Here you will find many many things, from the horrors of politics to the joys of music.


Industrial Society and Its Future

Read the titular and thought-provoking manifesto written by the controversial professor. This manifesto delves into critical reflections on industrial society and presents ideas that challenge prevailing norms and values. It has garnered attention and sparked debates due to its provocative nature.

Introduction to the new Gemini Internet Protocol

This website provides an introduction to the Gemini Internet Protocol, a new protocol for accessing and sharing information online. The site includes information on the benefits of Gemini and how to use it, making it a great resource for those looking to learn more about this exciting new technology.

One Laptop per Child

One Laptop per Child is a global organization dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality laptops to children in need around the world. The organization's website provides information about their work and how you can get involved and make a difference.

Collection of Retro Console and PC Game Files

CDRomance is a website that offers a collection of retro console and PC game files for download. The site is a great resource for those looking to play classic games from their childhood or explore the history of video games.


CollapseOS is a project that aims to provide tools and documentation for using and creating technology in post-collapse scenarios. The website provides information about the project's goals, as well as resources for getting involved and learning more.

Mental Outlaw - How to Escape the Botnet

This YouTube video, produced by Mental Outlaw, provides tips and strategies for protecting yourself from botnets and other online threats. The video covers a range of topics, including how to secure your devices and maintain online privacy.

My 90s TV

Experience the nostalgia of the 90s with My 90s TV. This website lets you relive the television shows, commercials, and music videos from that iconic decade.

The World of CD-i

Dive into the world of the Phillips CD-i with The World of CD-i. This website is dedicated to preserving the history and showcasing the games, software, and multimedia experiences available on this obscure and unique format.

1990s Retro Textures on Archive.org

Access a resource for 1990s retro textures on Archive.org. This collection provides textures and visuals of the 1990s, perfect for nostalgic or retro-themed projects.


Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is a free, open-source browser that allows users to browse the web anonymously. It is designed to protect users' privacy and security by routing traffic through a network of servers, making it difficult to track a user's online activity.


qBittorrent is a free, open-source BitTorrent client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is lightweight and easy to use, and offers a range of features including an integrated search engine, remote control, and support for multiple languages.


Kidpix is an in-browser version of the popular art program for kids. It allows users to create their own digital artwork using a variety of tools and features, including a paint palette, stamps, and stickers. Kidpix is a fun and creative way for kids to express themselves and explore their artistic abilities.


Deskpins is a tool that allows you to pin any window to the top of your screen, so it stays visible even if you switch to another program. This can be useful for keeping important information or reference material accessible while you work.

Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility is a powerful tool for quickly renaming multiple files at once. The program allows you to easily customize the names of your files using a variety of options, such as adding prefixes or suffixes, replacing text, or numbering files sequentially.

donjon - RPG tools

Donjon is a comprehensive collection of online RPG tools, including generators for characters, spells, magic items, and more. The site is a valuable resource for players and game masters alike, providing an easy way to create and customize various aspects of their campaigns.


Check out MacOS8.app, a retro in-browser Mac emulation platform. This platform allows you to experience classic MacOS software and games in your web browser, and is a must-see for fans of vintage computing and Mac history.

Various Old School HTML Resources

Discover various old school HTML resources on The Ender Draco's website. This collection of resources offers valuable information and guidance for working with HTML in a nostalgic manner.


Nosferatu with Type O Negative soundtrack

This unique video combines the classic horror film Nosferatu with the music of the band Type O Negative, creating an eerie and atmospheric viewing experience. The video is available to watch on YouTube.

Net Art Anthology

The Net Art Anthology is an online exhibition of significant net artworks from the 1990s to the present. The site features a wide range of artworks, including interactive installations, video works, and digital art pieces, all of which showcase the diversity and creativity of the net art genre.

I Heart Vanilla - A Vanilla Focused Mod List for Morrowind

Are you a fan of the classic Morrowind experience? Check out the "I Heart Vanilla" mod list, featuring a selection of mods that enhance the vanilla gameplay without straying too far from the original game. With a bright red link and white outline, it's easy to find your way to the list and start modding.

Video Game Sprites

Looking for high-quality video game sprites? Look no further than Video Game Sprites! With a wide selection of sprites from popular games, this site has everything you need to create your own video game projects or just explore the world of video game sprites.


Check out 10KB, a website featuring a collection of art pieces under 10kb in size. From digital art to GIFs and more, this site showcases the creative talent of artists working within tight file size constraints.


Visit Bogleech, a website featuring a collection of articles, art, and other content centered around strange and bizarre creatures. From deep sea monsters to mythical beasts, this site has something for everyone with an interest in the weird and wonderful.

Sketch to Line Art

Check out the Sketch to Line Art tool, a tool that allows you to turn your sketches into clean, crisp line art. Whether you're an artist looking to streamline your workflow or just want to play around with the tool, Sketch to Line Art is sure to be a hit.

Sudomemo Archive

Visit the Sudomemo Archive, a website featuring a collection of old flipnotes from the days of the Nintendo DSi. This archive is a nostalgiciac look back at the creative works of artists and animators from the past, and is sure to be a hit with fans of the DSi and flipnote animation.

Chipmunks on 16 Speed

The soundtrack to giving plasma at 7AM on a winter morning so you can buy groceries.

Clive Barker's News

Stay up to date with the latest news, updates, and announcements from Clive Barker, the acclaimed author, artist, and filmmaker, by visiting Clive Barker's official news page.


Step back in time with GifCities, an online archive of animated GIFs from the early days of the web. Rediscover the nostalgic charm of these retro animations.

Library of Babel

Explore the fascinating concept of the Library of Babel, inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' short story. This website presents a digital version of the fictional library, where you can explore and discover seemingly infinite books of nonsensical text.

Cathode TV

Experience art films and obscure horror cable-like streams for free on Cathode TV. This website offers a selection of unique content for those seeking unconventional and captivating viewing experiences.

Deadly Prey Gallery

Discover the fascinating world of hand-painted Ghanaian movie posters at Deadly Prey Gallery. This website showcases a collection of vibrant and eye-catching posters that pay homage to classic films in a distinctive artistic style.

The Artful Intoxications of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz

Explore "The Artful Intoxications of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz" on Public Domain Review. This essay delves into the work of Witkiewicz, an artist, writer, and philosopher known for his explorations of drugs, consciousness, and creativity.

Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller on WikiArt

Discover the artistic works of Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller on WikiArt. This online art platform showcases the creations of Fuller, an African-American artist known for her sculptures and contributions to the Harlem Renaissance.

Amelia Reynolds Long - Author Website

Explore the works of Amelia Reynolds Long, an American mystery and science fiction author, on her official website. While not as well-known as her male peers like Lovecraft and Howard, Long's writing offers intriguing and captivating storytelling.


Heavensgate was a controversial religious cult known for its mass suicide in 1997. Their website, which is still active, features a range of resources and documents related to the cult's beliefs and practices.

Esoteric Archives

The Esoteric Archives is an online library of esoteric and hermetic texts, including works on alchemy, astrology, magic, and other subjects. The site is a valuable resource for researchers and those interested in these subjects.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an online library of public domain literature, including books, plays, and poems. The site contains a vast collection of works that are freely available to read online or download in a variety of formats.


Looking for a fun way to test your knowledge and pass the time? Look no further than Sporcle! With a wide variety of quizzes and trivia games on topics ranging from history to pop culture, Sporcle has something for everyone.

100 Activities at the Local Faire

Visit this DNDSpeak webpage for a list of fun and creative inspiration for your next roleplaying game or world building project. Whether you're looking for character ideas, plot hooks, or unique locations and cultures, this webpage has something for every aspiring world builder.

Neville's Ladder Experiment

Check out Neville's Ladder Experiment, a manifestation technique that has gained popularity in recent years. This experiment, hosted on Pastebin, is said to help individuals manifest their desired outcomes through the power of visualization and positive thinking. Whether you're a believer in manifestation or just curious about the experiment, it's worth a read.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence® are a leading-edge Order of queer and trans nuns. We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty.

Understanding Plato's Allegory of the Cave

Gain insight into the philosophical concept of Plato's Allegory of the Cave with this introductory guide. Plato's allegory serves as a metaphorical depiction of the human condition and the journey towards enlightenment. This resource provides a helpful starting point for comprehending and exploring the profound ideas presented in this philosophical allegory.

Mourning the Loss of a Dead Tree: How to Cope with the Emotional Impact and Honor Its Life

Read this blog post that discusses the emotional impact of losing a tree and provides guidance on coping with the associated grief. In the context of the ongoing mass extinction and the Anthropocene era, it highlights the significance of acknowledging and honoring the life of individual trees as a potent symbol of our changing natural world.

What Role Does Prior Religious Beliefs Play in Cult Susceptibility: A Descriptive Study by Yasmin Ali

Investigate a scholarly study by Yasmin Ali that delves into the relationship between prior religious beliefs and susceptibility to joining cults.



Earthship is a type of passive solar building that is designed to be self-sufficient and sustainable. It uses recycled materials and innovative design to create a comfortable and functional living space that can be constructed anywhere in the world.


Sneakernet is a term used to describe the practice of physically transporting data from one location to another using removable media, such as USB drives or external hard drives. This method can be used as an alternative to transferring data over the internet, or as a way to bypass internet censorship or security restrictions.

Internet censorship circumvention

Internet censorship circumvention refers to the use of various methods and tools to bypass or evade internet censorship imposed by governments or other entities. These methods can include using VPNs, proxy servers, or TOR to access blocked content or to protect the privacy of internet users.


Redlining is the practice of denying or limiting financial services, such as mortgages or insurance, to certain areas based on the racial or ethnic composition of the neighborhood. This discriminatory practice has contributed to the perpetuation of racial segregation and economic inequality in the United States.

Unusual Articles on Wikipedia

Check out the "Unusual articles" page on Wikipedia for a collection of strange and interesting entries from the online encyclopedia. From bizarre historical events to offbeat cultural phenomena, this page has something for everyone with a taste for the unusual.

List of Native American Deities

Visit the "List of Native American deities" page on Wikipedia for a comprehensive overview of the gods, goddesses, and supernatural beings revered by Native American cultures. This page is a great resource for those interested in the mythology and spirituality of Native American traditions.

Intertextuality on Wikipedia

Learn about intertextuality, the concept of how texts are interconnected and influenced by other texts, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Integrated Information Theory on Wikipedia

Explore the Integrated Information Theory, a theoretical framework for understanding consciousness, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Panpsychism on Wikipedia

Discover panpsychism, the philosophical view that consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Physicalism on Wikipedia

Learn about physicalism, the philosophical position that everything is ultimately physical or can be explained in terms of physical entities, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Perennial Philosophy on Wikipedia

Explore the concept of perennial philosophy, the idea that there is a common underlying wisdom found in different religions and spiritual traditions, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Aarne-Thompson-Uther Index on Wikipedia

Discover the Aarne-Thompson-Uther Index, a classification system for folktales and fairy tales, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this index.

Aubrey Beardsley on Wikipedia

Learn about Aubrey Beardsley, an influential English illustrator and author, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to his life and works.

The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine on Wikipedia

Explore "The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine," an episode from the television series The Twilight Zone, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this episode.

Decadent Movement on Wikipedia

Discover the Decadent Movement, a literary and artistic movement of the late 19th century, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this cultural phenomenon.

Structural Violence on Wikipedia

Learn about structural violence, a concept that explores how social structures perpetuate harm and inequality, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Social Murder on Wikipedia

Discover the concept of social murder, which refers to systemic societal conditions that lead to premature death and suffering, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this subject.

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas on Wikipedia

Explore "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas," a science fiction short story by Ursula K. Le Guin, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this thought-provoking tale.

Apartheid on Wikipedia

Learn about apartheid, the system of racial segregation and discrimination in South Africa, America, Israel and other colonial settler states, on this Wikipedia page.

Late Bronze Age Collapse on Wikipedia

Learn about the Late Bronze Age collapse, a period of societal collapse and cultural upheaval in the eastern Mediterranean region, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this historical event.

Soil Salinity on Wikipedia

Discover the concept of soil salinity, which refers to the salt content in soil and its impact on plant growth, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this topic.

Hypoxia (Environmental) on Wikipedia

Explore hypoxia, a condition of low oxygen levels in the environment that can have detrimental effects on marine ecosystems, on the Wikipedia page dedicated to this environmental phenomenon.