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Track Review: Beckoning Abyss by GORE off Hierophant

Artist GORE's "Beckoning Abyss" off their new album Hierophant, stands out as a beacon in the vaporwave—or barberbeats, if you're into that kind of sub-genrification—scene. This track, man, it's something else. It takes the genre to new ethereal heights with its bouncy, reverberated beats that somehow manage to feel both distant and deeply ingrained in the groove. And those haunting vocals – they just hook you in, making you feel that deep, almost visceral desire for embrace.

It's this desire, this longing that really sets the tone for "Beckoning Abyss." The track feels like it's wrapped in a warm sweater of sound, perfectly fitting its title. In our current age of alienation, this vibe hits hard and deep. The effervescent beats paint the dong's canvas with the hues of our collective longing, reflecting the isolation of the internet age.

The track rolls in with a 4/4 timescale, this is pop music! It's pop music and it feels FRESH! Like a freshly picked apple, it's crisp, it's dynamic, and that breakdown– it's a trip. It could've dragged on but it doesn’t; GORE lets the music dip just enough to let you catch your breath. The simplicity here is key.

In today's musical landscape, there's a trend where pop music has become almost formulaic – simple yet uninspired, a pattern we've been conditioned to accept. This has led to an era of 'poptimism' where innovation seems to have taken a backseat to uncritical praise for record label darlings by corporate backed platforms like Pitchfork (who is owned by Conde Nast). "Beckoning Abyss" stands out starkly against this backdrop of corporate driven pop. While the track itself isn't layered with complexity, it shatters the mold of mundane simplicity that has become synonymous with pop music. It's a clear demonstration that simplicity doesn't have to mean a lack of inspiration. In fact, this track is a breath of fresh air, proving that within the boundaries of simplicity can lie a wellspring of creativity and inspiration. It's a striking exception to the current norm, showcasing that pop music can indeed be both simple, sleek and profoundly impactful.

The vocalist, whether GORE herself or a specter from another piece, adds to the track’s enigmatic allure. The hauntological spirit of the song is tangible, imparting whispers that linger long after the last note fades. Thoughts of a lost future, an unknown present in which this is the music of the 2020s becomes imprinted. The synergy of the mix is undeniable; every element works in perfect harmony, creating a soundscape that’s both lush and meticulously crafted. From the reverb, to the subtle synths, to the risers, it all flows so seemlessly that picking each apart from the whole would be a fruitless task, akin to removing the sails from a sailboat.

Beckoning Abyss is one of the hottest tracks of 2023.

GORE's work, especially with "Beckoning Abyss," shows they're not just following in the footsteps of giants like Haircuts for Men, Saint Pepsi, or Macross 82-99. They're taking vaporwave and pushing it into something more. This track is a 2023 standout, and it's not just for the underground scene. Mainstream artists, take note – this is how it’s done. This is the kind of track that deserves a spot in the Top 40, not because of marketing or label deals, but because it's a straight-up earworm. The future of vaporwave is bright as long as GORE keeps it up.

So, do yourself a favor, hit up Bandcamp, and give "Beckoning Abyss" and the rest of Hierophant a listen. Drop a few bucks for the album; trust me, they've earned it.