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Kehlani's November 12th Call to Action

Editor's Note: This is reprinted verbatium as posted on Instagram, no changes have been made.

al go break without break in solidarity

i thought i had less words as the days go by but i realize i have so many. none of them are new. borrowed from Palestinian journalists. refugees. survivors. if this hasn't made you incredibly angry, i worry. if this hasn't radicalized you, or furthered your liberation practice, i worry. if this hasn't exposed your inner cowardice to yourself loudly enough to drastically change, i worry. we are past the point of "i don't know enough" we're past the point of "it's all just so sad". we are beyond "what a devastation".

we have arrived at complete action. tougher choices in community. accountability. analyzing every system, institution, dynamic, connection in our lives & on this earth. fear has a place in this, it is a motivator.. a fear that our children will grow up in a world that is even worse. a fear that an entire population of people will be ethnically cleansed. a fear that our country will continue to hold the machete in the massacres across the globe. your cowardice? THAT fear isn't real. that fear has is part of the US indoctrination. that cowardice comes from individualism. tactics. careful strategy by our government. now more than ever, & forever more... will be a time to decide;

who am i to the world? who am i to community? who am i to the rat race? who am i to my children's generation? what is my role? if the people have given me what i have & got me to where i am.. is not the people to whom i owe?

ask yourself these questions as we push forward on over a month of GENOCID3 committed by our country with our tax dollars. as we put the lens/power/fight behind freeing Palestine, Congo, Sudan, Yemen, all oppressed peoples & ensure LAND BACK & FRUITFUL LIFE, not just survival. who do you want to be? one who took part, or one to be extremely ashamed of. decide. decide now.