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Erik Houdini


Urgent Alert: Imminent Danger to Activists in Atlanta—Secret Police Stalk Protesters

Listen up, comrades. I've got low to the ground intel from the frontline trenches of this dystopia. Pay attention—this is an urgent PSA. If you're boots-on-the-ground in Atlanta, especially around the shadowy landscapes near Cop City, what I'm about to share might just be your lifeline.

Frontline freedom fighters have dropped a revelation that's gonna make your skin crawl: plain-clothed Feds and National Guard soldiers are slithering around like modern-day G-men. Oh yeah, you heard it right—secret police, gestapo, in America, masquerading as civilians, blending in with protestors and essentially doing reconnaissance on American soil against its own citizens. These aren't just rumors; protestors on the front lines have started noticing these impersonators. They haven't shown their true colors yet, but make no mistake, their intent is as malicious as it gets. These imposters are conducting operations right from our local military outposts—our tax dollars at work, eh?

But what's their agenda? Let's not fool ourselves. They're scouting, gathering information, possibly acting as agent provocateurs. And what for? To clamp down on a fight that has garnered a whopping 100,000 signatures against Cop City—a fight that city officials, the so-called 'representatives of the people,' fought tooth and nail to acknowledge. This shadowy activity follows hot on the heels of RICO charges slapped on 61 activists. Oh, and let's not forget, the same District Attorney has charged Young Thug based on his lyrics. How Orwellian can we get?

Mainstream media? Forget about them. No word yet, no press conferences. Why? Because this is the sort of raw info that upsets the status quo, it upsets the enemies of the people for you to know about this. Blowing the whistle on this strategy sends shockwaves through their operations. It's time we disrupted their disruption.

Let's zoom out for a second and let this sink in. What kind of democracy tries artists for their lyrics? Deploys undercover soldiers to manipulate its citizens? This is peak capitalism's desperate self-preservation—like a wounded predator, it's most dangerous when cornered. As our society teeters on the brink of systemic collapse, expect even more desperate measures from the powers that be. These are the "Redcoats" of our era. You may recall Lenin's words, “There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen.” Folks, more and more I'm starting to believe we are living through such weeks right now.

The powers that be are tightening the noose, taking extraordinary measures because they know the system's time is running out. The empire is cracking at the seams, and they're resorting to any means to maintain control. Don't let them. Keep your eyes peeled, stay vigilant, and protect one another.