Report by Eevee


The port in Gaza, built by the U.S. supposedly for humanitarian aid, has been exposed as a gateway for military equipment. Photos reveal the delivery of American C-RAM air defense systems, M-LIDS anti-drone systems, and military vehicles through this "temporary" port.

Initially presented as a lifeline for Gaza's residents, this port's true purpose reflects a disturbing trend of using humanitarian pretexts to further military goals. This militarization, aligned with broader imperialistic strategies, turns the "humanitarian aid" into a fa├žade for occupation and control. It is, as well, a blatant example of Amerika's current regime's lies, the same people who profit from genocide wanted you to believe this dock would be for aid. Square that, continue the genocide, but give those being genocided aid? Make it make sense.

In June 2023, Israel approved the development of the Gaza Marine gas field, seeking security assurances, remember, this was before the October 7th events. This move highlights how economic interests and security concerns are intertwined with militaristic agendas, exploiting Gaza's resources under the guise of aid and development.

This shift underscores a history of imperialist nations using aid as a cover for exploitation. It's a stark reminder of how supposed acts of kindness often mask deeper, more sinister motives. For Gaza, it means continued genocide, apartheid and oppression, with their land, lives and resources commandeered for Israeli and American interests.

In essence, the Gaza port's real intent is a clear example of how humanitarian aid can be co-opted for imperialistic purposes. True aid should support sovereignty and human rights, not serve as a smokescreen for military expansion. True humanitarian aid would be ending the genocide.

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