As millions in Gaza stand in the line of fire, as upwards of 7000 children have been brutally, mercilessly slaughtered without remorse. While newborn babies are bombed in their incubators, while millions of Palestinians face death by dehydration, starvation, cholera while living in the world's largest concentration camp. While the rest of the world looks on at the levels of depravity western capitalist imperialist nations will sink to. “Free State of New Hampshire.” has detained 3 Actionists for targeting Elbit Systems as part of the autonomous direct action campaign against them. Their actions include such horrid offenses as... spreading paint on the roof and windows, disrupting traffic and other such non-violent direct actions against Elbit, whom is the LARGEST producer of Israel weapons, the source of the imperial dragon's fire.

Let's be real folks. Israel just got awarded 10 billion dollars from our current regime specifically for the task of enforcing apartheid and ethnic cleansing, specifically for the task of committing genocide against Palestinians. We've heard this word so many times in the last 40 days I want to remind you what that means. It means they are wiping out entire families specifically because they are Palestinian, it means the goal is to slaughter as many people as possible, children, grandmothers, the sick, the injured, it doesn't matter. Just today the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza was bombed, without warning. The only hospital not yet destroyed by the Zionist Entity. They've fired tanks into schools full of school children. There can be no mistake at the cruelty, fueled by capitalist colonialism, fueled by the need for Elbit and similar companies to make a profit off killing the very soul of humanity folks.

Why is painting a building worth time without bail, while committing genocide is worth 175k a year salary, lobbying kickbacks and healthcare?

Detained, without bail? Absolutely ridiculous. This absolutely is political targeting, same with the RICO charges brought against 61 Stop Cop City activists. This is a fear tactic, this is intentional. They want to send a message to anyone else who's material conditions allow them to pull off these acts of heroism in the jaws of capital. Let it be known that the people side with these heroes, and we will not allow their sacrifice to be in vain. Repression means that the state is scared, fearful. They know we can touch them if we want, and they don't like it. Why is painting a building worth time without bail, while committing genocide is worth 175k a year salary, lobbying kickbacks and healthcare? Why is vandalism prosecuted more harshly than unlawful use of force by an officer? Or the many continuing OSHA violations? Why does the country that fought the Nazis fund a modern holocaust? Why does a country that celebrates acts of rebellion, such as the Boston Tea Party lock people away in a dark concrete hole for merely blocking traffic, while insisting no world can exist in which the United States doesn't profit in the billions off the deaths of innocent children?

For those who feel inspired and can take such risks, allow me to quote from "The War of the Flea" by Robert Talbor:

"Mao had no scruples, for that matter, about recruiting bandits; they were of the same class origin and in much the same condition as the Nationalist soldiers and those of the war lords, and could be easily indoctrinated to fight in the popular cause. His reasoning, no doubt, was that peasants who had some military training were easier to absorb than peasants who had had none."

If an act of heroism gets you locked in the slammer, evoke your inner Malcom X. This isn't to downplay the conditions of the US slavery prison system, the cruel caged conditions of a jail cell, nor the material changes that come from being imprisoned. It's to say, if your material conditions allow, and you've accepted the risks, know that the movement cannot be squashed with such repression, know that the people stand behind you.

Reporting Live from the Imperial Core Erik Houdini

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