Nazis Need Not Apply - A Manifesto Against Hate in Our Creative Spaces

Allow me to get real for a moment, as real as it gets - it's Pride month and I'm ready to speak from the heart. If you're a Nazi, you're a despicable human being, and I wish you the very worst. I'm absolutely fucking fed up with the sci-fi, fantasy, and world-building scene, not to mention the tabletop gaming realm - these spaces are fuckin' infested with them. It boggles the mind how anyone could enter an arena for fantasy, imagination, and world crafting only to stink it up with 19th-century horse shit. Is your creativity crippled by your hateful spirit, or was it replaced by hate because creativity couldn't find a foothold?

Do you have any idea how often I've joined a Discord server or a traditional forum, only to be virtually handed a Klan hood once I get "in the circle"? It happens more often than I'm comfortable admitting. Elder Scrolls fandom? Riddled with these types. Fallout? Oh man, how I loathe the "Legion roleplay" that's just a thinly veiled excuse to LARP misogynistic takes in a fantasy world. It's just fucking cringe, dudes. Even in fantasy land you're still an incel, pathetic. And don't get me started on Warhammer 40k - that fanbase is so saturated with Nazis that Games Workshop had to issue a statement about it. How ludicrous is that? It's as if Jo-Ann's Fabrics announced, "Yeah, we've got a significant number of bigots in our knitting circle, and yes knitting needles are often used as a symbol by Nazis, but remember, knitting can be for everyone!" If that doesn't scream 'problem', I don't know what does.

Yeah, it's a deep-seated issue. Lovecraft? Fucking racist. Robert Chambers? Fucking racist. These authors had talent despite their abhorrent beliefs. Sure, we can debate about the context of their era, but it won't change the facts. I fucking love Lovecraft's writing, but I'm not a spineless wimp; I can acknowledge the truth without dancing around it. Howard? His legacy is getting hijacked too, which is a damn shame because Conan lore is full of strong women and diverse characters. Did these clowns only hear the movie quote about lamenting your enemies' women and ignore the rest? It sucks to find a cool youtuber, who talks about shit you're actually interested in, only to find out he's a yes man for a legion of Nazi fans. It don't matter a lick what you believe, you sit down at that table, you eat that chow, you're one of them, goosestepping same as the rest. What are we just gonna let the whole wierd fiction genre get overrun with these types? Are any attempts at discussing the world of say, John Carter going to be drowned out by these folks? I hope not.

The problem runs incredibly deep. Fitness community? Overrun with these types. Anything remotely masculine seems to be veiled Nazi propaganda. I've come across far too many "esoteric lifter" memes on Instagram, with unsettlingly high like counts. Let's play Roman soldiers, bros - so fuckin' original! What's next, getting the cap guns out and playing cowboys and Indians? It's thinly veiled and embarrassingly obvious. I get a kick out of the little codewords - it's like kids thinking they've invented a secret language. Hyperborea is the new dog whistle? Gnomes? Wow, thanks having a bunch of 4chan threads about it, do ya'll forget anyone can use 4chan? It's laughable how transparent it all is.

And historical games? Oh me oh motherfucking my, the Grand Strategy community is teeming with Nazis. Games like Hearts of Iron 4 have become practically synonymous with this ideology, not to mention the slew of revisionist history mods that people parrot as if they were facts. Try reading a real book - libraries are free, at least where your twisted ideologies haven't defunded them yet. The gaming world is so saturated with these types, it drags down the entire medium - almost as much as the capitalist microtransactions and customer exploitation, almost.

Metal music? There's a desperate need for a "Nazi Metalheads Fuck Off" movement. I want to discuss riffs, lyrics, skull-drinking-blood-on-a-throne album art - not conspiracy theories about Jews. It's not just full-on NSBM, but a cultural shift I've noticed and it's not fucking cool. "Fashwave" too, ya'll really can't come up with anything, attempting to co-opt vaporwave (a genre that critiques capitalism and was spearheaded by a trans woman) with the most embrassing "glitch "art" this side of a 5th grader who just tried Kidpix for the first time. I mean pretty much every single emblem, symbol, media, it's all just co-opted from other sources, nothing original, no creativity, why are you in these creative spaces again?

We can ridicule these Randall from 'Recess' looking ass dweebs all day, but remember - we didn't out-snark Hitler. We went to war with him. Do you realize how many people died in World War II? In those camps? It's all harmless memes and dog whistles until they start building the camps again, and trust me, these bozos are itching to do just that. We need to call out these pieces of human filth. My great-grandfather didn't fight in a global war of unimaginable death and destruction for this nonsense to get mainstreamed through pop culture. I write sci-fi, I write fantasy, and whatever communities and worlds I create, I want all the internet alt-right trolls and all the pussyfooted Proud Boys to know - my works, my art, my writing? It's written in explicit opposition to your kind, and I firmly believe we should offer no quarter when it comes to you. Why? Because I know that the types of people I'm addressing here absolutely revel in the hate they sow. They love it when people get mad about it. What a soulless existience, if you cannot feel empathy for your fellow man, are you even human? And that, my friends, is exactly why.