HOUDINI Magazine Editorial Guidelines


Welcome to HOUDINI magazine's editorial guidelines. As we stand amidst the echoes of a fallen society, our magazine is a testament to the boundary between what was, what might have been, and what could be. These guidelines aim to provide clarity on our expectations, the submission process, and the standards we uphold.

Philosophy and Ethos

HOUDINI magazine is a platform that merges the raw, unfiltered realities with intellectual rigor and diverse cultural content. We're not looking for ultra-polished, soulless narratives. We seek the visceral, the real – think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Content Themes

  1. Intense Experiences: Provocative drug experiences, akin to polished Erowid entries, loaded with intent, prose and description.
  2. Culture, Not Cliché: We're hunting for avant-garde movie reviews, deep dives into obscure albums, and critical looks at lesser-known artworks. Save the Harry Potters and Star Wars for another crowd.
  3. Narratives: Short stories or serialized tales in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and pulp genres, with a distinct leftist perspective.
  4. Intellectual Grit: Dive deep into theory, aesthetics, philosophy, and those niche topics no one dares touch. "The Queer Experience LARPing" or "Capitalism and Our Soil Crisis"? Right up our alley.
  5. Raw Realities: We want the dirt and grind of daily life. Show us the world through the eyes of an overworked fast-food worker or someone battling a monstrous healthcare system.
  6. International Views: Embrace global narratives, especially from regions and perspectives underrepresented in mainstream media.
  7. Darker Realms: We've got a soft spot for horror and the occult. But don't mistake us for a true crime tabloid, unless there's a compelling reason to delve there. If it's haunting, unsettling, and draws from the shadows, we're here for it.

Your Words, Our World

References and Fact-checking

Images and Media

Submission Process

  1. Submit articles in .txt, .doc, .pdf or .md.
  2. Include a brief bio (2-3 sentences), as well as an avatar image.

Feedback and Edits

We may suggest edits for clarity, accuracy, and alignment with our ethos. However, the article's essence will always remain.



For contributors based in America, compensation starts at $30 per article, with potential negotiation. For international contributors, we currently pay using Western Union.

Audience & Growth

Currently, we're captivating around 1000 souls daily, with a growth of about 5% per day.

Final Note

HOUDINI isn't just another magazine; it's an experience. It's raw, real, and relentless. Dive in, and let's create something unforgettable.


Please email submissions to the editor at houdinimagazine@gmail.com