HOUDINI's Advertising Policy: "Community Building Through Promotional Materials"


Transparent Advertising Policy


At Houdini, our approach to advertising and content creation, "Community Building Through Promotional Materials," is rooted in a deep commitment to authenticity, ethical practices, and true independence. We pledge to maintain a space free from covert promotional tactics and corporate influence, focusing instead on genuine community engagement and ethical product creation.

Our Monthly Interactive Zine-Format Newsletter

The heart of our community engagement:

  • Features diverse short stories, including the exclusive "Gaslight Chronicles" series "Torquemada"
  • Art showcases to highlight the talents within our community.
  • Site updates and monthly recommendations for books.
  • Updates on our in-house designed Houdini clothing line.
  • Additional content

Ethical and Transparent Advertising via Patreon

Our Patreon-driven advertising model supports our ethical stance:

  1. $3 Ad Space: Provides smaller, accessible ad spaces. This is available to non-subscribers, with a first reserve for Velvet Room members.
  2. Five Star Supporter ($5 Tier): Offers a quarter-page ad space.
  3. Angel Patron ($25 Tier): Allocates a full-page for broader promotion.

The Velvet Room: An Inclusive Community Space

  • Open to All: Access to our Discord server, the Velvet Room, is not confined to Patreon supporters, fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Patreon is the quickest way to get an invite however.
  • Equal Access Philosophy: We maintain a no-paywall policy, ensuring equal access and participation for everyone.

Commitment to No Hidden Advertising

  • No Affiliate Links or Covert Promotions: We pledge that our blog and content will never contain hidden affiliate links or thinly-veiled promotional posts.
  • No Google Ads: Our website is free from intrusive, often problematic Google ads.

Ethical Clothing Production

  • In-House Designs: Our clothing designs are created in-house.
  • Harm Reduction Philosophy: We strive for ethical production under the belief that while no system is perfect, we do everything reasonably possible to ensure our products are made ethically.
  • On-Demand Production: Our products are made on demand, avoiding waste and overproduction.
  • Material Transparency: The majority of our products contain no polyester, and the materials and traceability of each product are clearly stated.

Independence and Community Funding

  • 100% Independent: We are entirely independent from corporate funding and the constraints of the traditional algorithm-driven model.
  • Community Funding: Our independence relies on community support. By contributing, our community members not only support us but also get the opportunity to showcase their own projects.


Our advertising policy showcases to our dedication to an ethical, transparent, and community-oriented approach. We're not just building a brand; we're nurturing a community grounded in shared values and mutual respect. Your support, engagement, and participation are what make Houdini a unique and authentic space. Together, we're creating more than just content; we're fostering a vibrant, ethical, and independent community.

Chances are if you're interested in our content, you might create dope stuff yourself, we want to share it, without the algorithm's almighty approval.

Support The Houdini Agora

The Houdini Agora prides itself in being paywall free, but between site costs, paying our dues for article submissions, and keeping the lights on, we can't work for free. If you can spare even $1, you'll be supporting independent journalism along with a "third place in cyber space". A magazine for the working class, by the working class.

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