Moon Phase Guide

Post Grunge, Cold Crack, Psychedelic Surrealism, Grotesquery, Eldritch, Recontextualization
Gothic Surrealism, Neo-post Modernism, Sigilization, Post-Internet, Digital Collage, Gore-Grind, Noise
Avant Garde, Horror, Drug Laced, Textured, Digital Stucco, Splatterpunk, Vaporwave, Time Dilation
Erik Houdini

Born in Louisiana in 1996, Erik Houdini is a blue-collar talent,
emerging from the state's deep swamps to the forefront of contemporary art.
Imbued with a palpable sense of dread and unease,
his works navigate the realms of horror, dissociation, and climate collapse.
Skillfully blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary concerns,
Erik captures the unsettling interplay between past and present.
His art is an invitation to experience a dissonant harmony,
where tradition meets transformation and where beauty is tinged with decay.