Listening to the Voodoo Priestess

voodoo priestess

As you make your way ever further into the Houdini Festival, you can't help but hear the speeches being given in the Tent of Bondye, you decide to enter the tent, following the ever growing crowd of spectators.

As you enter the patched up, worn tent, you can't help but notice the smell of herbs enveloping you. "Listen up, all ye fools! Ye think ye know what plagues this land, but ye have no idea. The true curses of this land run deep, deep within the very earth we stand upon." You immediately notice the passionate speech being given by the Voodoo Priestess, who is adorned in traditional, ornate garb.

"Ye think it's just disease, famine, and war that plague us? Oh no, my friends. These are merely symptoms of the true afflictions that haunt us." She continues.

"The curse of greed, of jealousy, of hatred. These are the maladies that truly poison our world. And unless we confront them, unless we exorcise them from our hearts and minds, we will never be free from suffering."

"But do not despair, my friends. For in the darkness, there is always a glimmer of hope. And through the power of voodoo, we can harness that hope and use it to banish these curses from our lives." The crowd, mainly other villagers from your small hamlet is eeriely silent.

"So if you want to be free from the true plagues of this land, come see me in my tent. I'll show you the way." Chatter breaks out among the crowd, some leave the tent, others stay to look over the free reading materials inside.

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