Encounter with a Clown


As you wander through the carnival, set against the stunning backdrop of the dusty prairie and a dreamlike sun casting a pinkish-blue hue over the sky, you come across a sad clown sitting on a bench. He is completely silent, and you can't help but wonder what could have him feeling so down. You approach him cautiously and ask if everything is okay.

The clown looks up at you with tears in his eyes and nods, but doesn't speak. You offer him a comforting pat on the back and tell him that you're here to listen. He tells you his story, and you offer words of comfort and encouragement.

The vibrant colors of the carnival seem to come alive as you sit with the clown, surrounded by the joy and excitement of the festival. You feel a sense of hope and possibility, knowing that even in the midst of sadness, there is always the potential for happiness and healing.

Eventually, the clown's tears begin to dry up and he starts to smile. You say goodbye and continue exploring the festival, feeling a bit uneased by the grotesque and gruesome stories you just sat through.

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