HOUDINI Submission Board

At HOUDINI, our mission transcends the norm. We're dedicated to fostering a culture of active creation and collaboration, breaking away from the current trend of passive content consumption. While HOUDINI is not a political magazine in the traditional sense, we firmly believe that art and politics are inherently intertwined. Ignoring this connection only perpetuates the status quo and is often a privilege that overlooks deeper societal issues.

We're more than just a genre-specific publication. HOUDINI is a worker-owned magazine that delves into the realms of underground culture. With a growing audience of nearly 7,000 people weekly, we're grateful for the opportunity to share diverse, thought-provoking content.

Founded on principles of equality, accessibility, and a genuine desire to nurture a true, radical underground culture, HOUDINI stands against the commodification of rebellion. We strive to create a space that challenges the exploitation of community and culture for mere profit.

As one of our fans eloquently put it:

"I hate how punk has become just an image, a spectacle. It's about rebellion as an aesthetic, without understanding the reasons behind the rebellion or empathizing with those at the heart of it."

In this spirit, HOUDINI welcomes a wide range of submissions. We also want to highlight our newly established Patron program. Your support not only fosters these creative submissions but also contributes to our overarching goals and community initiatives.

For all submissions, please email us at houdinimagazine@gmail.com. Let's continue to build and celebrate a vibrant, meaningful underground culture together.

HOUDINI Agora: A Modern Gathering Space for Ideas and Artistry

The "Agora" in ancient Greek culture was a hub of activity, a gathering place where philosophers, debaters, and lecturers mingled with artisans, craftsmen, and their patrons. Embracing this historical essence, the HOUDINI Agora is our digital interpretation of this vibrant meeting space. More than a blog or a traditional print magazine, the Agora is our attempt to embody the concept of a "third place" in the online world, albeit on a smaller scale. It's a space that continues to evolve and expand.

As the most visited section of our site, the Agora is dedicated to non-fiction contributions spanning a diverse range of topics. We're currently offering compensation of $30 USD per article, welcoming submissions that are at least 1500 words in length.

For those interested in contributing, you can find our detailed editorial guidelines at: Editorial Guidelines. Our goal is to obtain the rights to publish your work in HOUDINI magazine, including the possibility of reprints and featuring it in potential physical collections. It's important to note that while we seek these publishing rights for our magazine, you retain ownership of your work and are free to submit it to other publications as well.

Please note that we reserve the right to reject any article submission for any reason. We're committed to maintaining the integrity and vision of the Agora, ensuring it remains a meaningful and engaging platform for all our readers and contributors.

The Zine Rack: Embracing the Resurgence of Print in the Digital Age

At HOUDINI, we're challenging the notion that print media and the internet are rivals. Instead, we see them as complementary forces, with zines standing out as a particularly potent medium. Zines, at their peak in the 90s, were often limited to local scenes, their reach confined to the scope of physical distribution. However, the landscape has dramatically changed.

Today, a zine featured on our Zine Rack could be distrubuted anywhere in the world - from Sydney, Australia to Tacoma, Washington, from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Accra, Ghana. With the combination of online distribution and physical print, zines have gained unprecedented power and reach. The local becomes the global, the global becomes the local.

We're on a mission to reintegrate zines into the contemporary cultural fold, showcasing their unique charm and impact. On our Zine Rack, you'll find a guide to replicating the distinct HOUDINI style for your own creations, but we're open to all types of styles and expressions.

Join us in this exciting endeavor to rejuvenate and celebrate the zine format. Whether you're a creator or a reader, the HOUDINI Zine Rack is a testament to the enduring and evolving power of print in a digital world.

houdini.tv: Esoteric Internet Cable

Welcome to houdini.tv, a unique blend of Adult Swim's edge, the Criterion Channel's artistry, the pulse of modern internet culture, and a touch of public access TV charm. Our ongoing project is about redefining the multimedia landscape, curating weekly films and timed online broadcasts to create a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Season 1 was just the beginning, a successful experiment in this new concept. Now, we're gearing up for Season 2, and we're inviting creators to join us in elevating this experience. Our format? Six weeks per season, featuring two films and a short each week. But there's more - your work would be showcased at varied times throughout Season 2, adding another layer to our innovative approach.

We're looking for a wide variety of audio-visual experiences, with which we will add our schedule of exclusive, timed broadcasts. Imagine late-night parody infomercials, spine-chilling midnight horror, or soothing Sunday morning jazz - the timing of the broadcast is as crucial as the content itself. We're bringing this dynamic into the cyberspace realm, stepping away from traditional streaming to offer something nostalgic yet refreshingly new.

Submissions should include a moving visual element and be at least 3 minutes long. Unsure if your idea fits? Send it anyway! At HOUDINI, we're open to exploring all kinds of content.

We do not want the rights to your work for houdini.tv, we only ask that you do not post your submissions elsewhere for at least one month after airing.

Fiction Stories: Introducing "HOUDINI Pulps"

We're excited to announce a new venture at HOUDINI - "HOUDINI Pulps." Initially, fiction stories weren't part of our repertoire, but after receiving a number of intriguing submissions, we've decided to embrace this new direction. "HOUDINI Pulps" will be a collection of horror, mystery, sci-fi, and thriller stories, published in a series of physical print books. These volumes will feature shorts from mostly unknown, underground authors. Stay tuned for more details on this thrilling project.

We will be applying the same rights ownership system, only having the rights to publish your story within this framework, allowing creative control for the author.

Link List: Explore and Contribute to HOUDINI's Growing Collection

HOUDINI's link list is an ever-expanding resource, currently boasting over 150 websites and links across various categories including Technology, Art, Fitness, Politics, and more. This curated collection is a testament to our commitment to providing diverse and valuable content to our audience.

We're constantly on the lookout for new additions to this list. If you have a link you'd like to submit, please email us with the following details:

Subject: What is the main focus or topic of the link?

Link: Provide the URL you're suggesting.

Why Include/Blurb: Briefly explain why this link is a valuable addition to our list.

Symbol of Choice: Include a symbol that represents the essence of the link.

Category: Specify which category your link fits into (e.g., Technology, Art, Fitness, Politics, etc.).

Your contributions help make HOUDINI's link list a richer and more diverse resource for all our readers.