6 New Games Added to the Giga Groovy Games Arcade this week, Mighty Metal Head, Globeba, Void Maker, RoboFlip, Wood Worm, and Crazy Tank! Play em now.

From the Velvet Room Vol. 1 is Out Now

Vol. 2 drops October 31st 2024, to Submit, just join the Official HOUDINI Discord "The Velvet Room"

Gen Z, Why does Palestine Matter to You?

I created a survey called "Gen Z, Why does Palestine Matter to You?". Single question/response, just a paragraph. I want to publish the responses on the site for historical record. Looking for responses from people who are 28 or younger.

You can take the survey here.

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Scrawled in a hurried hand on tattered, time-weathered parchment, the words of an unnamed explorer reveal fragments of a cautionary tale:

"...unearthed an enigma in the digital wilderness... the pulsating orb. Composed of fluctuating spectral rings... a glowing core, molten, jewel-like... It hums. An ethereal dirge rising from lost data and forgotten links... beckoning... leading to the spectral remains of Houdini's domain...

...Indistinct passages... warnings fade into illegibility...

...heed my words... the hum... must not listen... not all shadows reveal their true form. Beware the orb's lullaby... can mislead... can...

...final words illegible, consumed by time and neglect..."

The remnants of this note, the last trace of an explorer long forgotten, linger with an ominous warning about the pulsating orb and its haunting song. The details may have faded, but the underlying sense of caution remains starkly vivid.


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